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Easter Alphabet Practice Worksheets

These Easter Alphabet Practice Worksheets are a great way to allow children to have fun all while practicing their ABCs.

Students can learn to identify and write the letters from A to T, as well as coloring the matching letters in each basket.

These Easter alphabet practice worksheets make great independent work or homework for preschool through Kindergarten.

They can be laminated and used multiple times for each child or to put in your homeschool or classroom bins for multiple year use.

This practice reinforces letter writing, recognition and coloring skills during the month of April when Easter arrives.

Easter Alphabet Practice Worksheet Pack Includes:

  • A letter practice tracing worksheet with dotted line font.
  • A-T individual letter worksheets with matching egg letters coloring Easter basket.

Each row of the worksheet contains the letter on the left side in a dotted line font and extra room for practice.


Easter Alphabet Practice Worksheets A-T

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