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Paper Plate Spider Craft

I love paper plates! Not because they are the best things to eat out of, they’re not. However, they are great for crafting with kids! This week’s Crafting with Kids! craft is a super fun and easy paper plate spider.

Paper Plate Spider Craft



Paper Plates

Paint (black, brown… whatever color you want your spider)

Paint Brush

Wiggly Eyes

Pipe Cleaners (match your paint color)

Hot Glue Gun / Hot Glue

Elmer’s Glue



1. Paint the backsides of 2 paper plates.

2. This step is for the parent. Hot glue 8 pipe cleaner legs onto the bottom plate. You can just use Elmer’s glue and let your kids do this step if you prefer. It will just take a little longer in between steps as you will need to let the glue dry.

3. Glue the top paper plate onto the bottom one.

4. Glue on the wiggly eyes. You can use the pattern we made or create your own. Kids like to be creative so just let them have at it.

Paper Plate Spider Craft Steps

We hung our spider by his legs but you can also punch a hole in the top and string him up as well. We are having so much fun with the Fall and Halloween crafts. The holidays are always the best when it comes to crafting with my daughter. So many craft ideas not enough time to do them all.

Paper Plate Spider Craft

What is your favorite paper plate craft?

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