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Spring Bucket List Ideas

If you are looking for ways to knock out those winter blues and give you hope for a sunnier, happier future ahead then check out some of these Spring Bucket List Ideas.

I love making lists, it gets me motivated to knock whatever I have on them off.

Often times that is something that needs to be cleaned but there is no reason it can’t be fun things too.

Springtime is a great time for making family memories, this list will be a perfect way to do just that.

There are so many more that you could add to the list but here are 40 to get you started.

Scroll to the bottom to find the free printable download.

blow bubbles outside

We love bubble time!

make mudpies after it rains
fly a kite
go camping

If you can’t get to a campsite camping in the backyard is loads of fun too.

have a movie night
draw with sidewalk chalk
go on a scavenger hunt
splash in rain puddles

Who doesn’t love splashing in the mud?

jump on a trampoline
go birdwatching
have a picnic
plant some flowers

go for a walk/run
have a dance party
build a fort

How to make a fort!
Make a new room to explore by building a fun fort.

read a book
play some board games

bake spring cupcakes

Whether you are making cupcakes or cookies don’t worry about the mess, just enjoy the time together.

put together a puzzle
stargaze at night
go on a bike ride

Going on a bike ride is one of our favorite things to do.

make slime in spring colors
watch the sunset or sunrise
have a water balloon fight
make paper airplanes
paint rocks
do an act of kindness
pick flowers

Picking flowers is always so much fun, especially for the littles.

look for butterflies
make a bird feeder
play with a hula hoop
go get ice cream

Ice cream is a fun treat for everyone!

play a sport
go to the park
decorate Easter Eggs
take outdoor family photos
have a bonfire
go on a hike

Hikes are a great way to get out and enjoy nature and get some fresh air.

find shapes in the clouds
wash the car

This just tips the hat on some fun things you can get out there and do this Spring.

I know a lot of us are feeling anxious and overwhelmed at this time but if some of these activities can take your mind off of everything for a few hours it will be worth it.

Spring Bucket List Download

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