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Turkey in Disguise Free Printables

Download your Turkey in Disguise Free Printables, the Template and Instructions to get started on all the Thanksgiving hiding fun.

This photo features a layout of the Tom the Turkey Free Printables, including the instructions printable and the turkey template.

Do you love doing a Turkey in Disguise as a classroom or family project every year?

Well, then these free printables are everything you need to carry out this fun project!

This class favorite is a fantastic way to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday!

Students and families can collaborate as they "Disguise a Turkey" in an effort for the turkey to escape from being your holiday dinner.

Turkey in Disguise Free Printables

Download Here:

The template printable makes a super cute Turkey coloring page as well.

Turkey Template Printable

Turkey in Disguise Instructions

Now that you have the printables downloaded you are ready to get started on the fun creative part, disguising your turkey.

Don't miss all the fun ideas and examples we have posted up for you in parts 1, part 2, and part 3 that you can find linked below.